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Monday, June 27, 2011

build your vocabulary skills

archives = public records
use = archive film

scorn = disdain, reject
use = She has nothing but scorn for him

dogmatic = certain, unchanging in opinion
use = a dogmatic approach to life

locomotion = moving from one place to another
use = *

minuscule = small
use = two minuscule pieces of toast

convey = communicate
use = You don't want to convey the impression that we're not interested

dispossess = take away possessions
use = dispossessed of their homes

susceptible = vulnerable
use = children are susceptible to diseases

hirsute = bearded
use = a hirsute individual with a heavy black beard

renunciation = An explicit disclaimer of a right or privilege
use = the renunciation of violence

odyssey = journey
use = a film about one man's odyssey

aloof = detached, indifferent
use = he seems arrogant and aloof

subside = diminish
use = the violence will soon subside

differentiate = to distinguish between two items
use = We do not differentiate between our workers on the basis of

grudging = reluctant
use = the grudging respect of her boss

extract = to pull out, exact
use = The tooth was eventually extracted

imprudent = unwise
use = imprudent decision

distract = divert
use = Don't distract her from her studies

brink = edge
use = to the brink of failure

execute = put into effect
use = execute a wil

build your vocabulary skills

satanic = pertaining to the Devil
use = a satanic cult

explode = to disprove, blow up
use = A bomb exploded

staunch = loyal
use = staunch supporter

multiplicity = the condition of being manifold or very various
use = a multiplicity of fashion magazines

formidable = Difficult to accomplish
use = a formidable task

abreast = side-by-side
use = The motorcyclist came abreast of her car

perpetuate = cause to continue
use = perpetuate the violence

disseminate = distribute, to spread far and wide
use = web sites are used to disseminate political propaganda

marginal = insignificant
use = a marginal improvement

infinitesimal = very small
use = The amounts of radioactivity present were infinitesimal.

site = location
use = the site for the new hospital

gist = essence
use = That was the gist of what he said

adept = skillful
use = She's very adept at dealing with the media

impede = hinder
use = a broken-down car is impeding the flow of traffic

elate = raise spirits
use = you will feel elated on your success

aftermath = consequence
use = in the aftermath of the explosion

unequivocal = absolute, certain
use = unequivocal support

verge = border, edge
use = you are on the verge of a big success

hue = color
use = there are fish of every hue

compromise = agree to something which is not exactly what you want
use = We need to reach a compromise over this issue